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MOPS International Convention
- Nashville, TN

�Susan Crook's session at MOPS International Convention was the best one ever.  It helped me understand my houshold so much better!"

Mary Sprague
Women's Ministry Leader
- Life Church

�Working with Susan was great! She provided great resources to help us promote our event, and we had the biggest turn out ever. We had well over 200 women come out and the response was fantastic. Susan does an excellent job in communicating.  Her materials were so helpful and the whole experience was so fun for our women. We can�t wait to have her back to speak at our Fall Retreat.�

Lois Ring
Director of Women's Ministries, Central Church of the Nazarene

Susan spoke at our Women's Retreat and what a blessing.  It was a big lift to our women to find that their personalities were God given.  It also helped them to see why they could understand their children, husbands, moms and dads in a new light.  The ladies all loved you and appreciated what you brought to the retreat.  So many said they felt this was one of the best retreats ever!  It is not always easy to find a speaker that everyone seems to enjoy but I think God did it for us this year.  Thank you Susan for letting God use you in such a very special way. 

M Johnson
Wal-Mart - Marketing HR Manager

The personality training for Wal-Mart managers was the best I've attended in years.  Susan, I've never seen the entire audience so captivated.

Linda Haskel
Excelsior Springs School District - ESSD

�Susan Crook had an awesome way of nourishing the mom, the teacher, the co-worker, the friend, the citizen in all of us.  She enticed us to look within ourselves and how to relate to others.  Susan inspired me to rise to a higher level as a human being.  Very refreshing!�

Scott Abbey, Owner
Investors Construction and Repair, Inc.

Susan Crook�s personality training was the most effective sessions we have ever experienced, easily exceeding our expectations. Our employees enjoyed the sessions immensely and are still applying the skills and strategies yet today. I highly recommend personality training by Susan Crook. It has paid for itself a thousand times over by improving communication, cooperation, and ultimately increasing company profits.

Jenell Puett 
MOPS International Coordinator - Johnson County Christian Church

"Susan - your speech was fabulous!!!!  I had lots of moms come to me after you left to see if we could get you to come back and speak again!!!"  

"Susan Crook really knows how to speak to a woman's heart.  After she spoke to my MOPS group, the moms felt motivated to improve their relationship with God, their husbands and their children."  

"We would be honored to have you come to our group again.  You are truly inspirational." 

Susan Thomas-Butler
MOPS International Speaker Coordinator - Westside Family Church

"Susan is a very entertaining speaker with a wealth of personality knowledge. She mesmerized our MOPS group and we all left feeling like we understood our family members better. We are blessed to have her as a speaker and friend."

Shannon Churchill
Vice President Greater Kansas City Mothers of Twins Club

"Susan Crook is fabulous Personality Insights for Mom's! was a truly valuable experience that not only helped me understand my family better; it also allowed me to grow closer to the wonderfully diverse members of our Mother's of Multiples club."

"We have received so much feed back from your speech and all of it has been wonderful.  You have changed lives this week and improved relationships!" 

Lynwood Baptist Church - Cape Girardeau, MO

�It was fantastic!  If I would have known Susan Crook's speech presentation was going to be this great, I would have invited every person I know!�

Allaina Mackay
MOPS International Attendee

Susan Crook's talk really spoke to my heart. I have 4 boys from 5- 11 yrs. old. My second son and I have always had a strained relationship--I'm a strong "C"/"S" and he is an "I"/"D".  We have had a tough time trying to love and please each other.  After hearing and LISTENING to Susan speak, I have been using some of her strategies. I found my son and I laughing at breakfast together this morning--it was a first---he hugged me big then he got on the bus, and then.... I cried with tears of 'grieving our lost time' and 'rejoicing with our first step towards healing'.

To say thank you seems not enough. God opened my heart, and you gave me some tools and a fresh vision!  May God continue to bless you, your family and your gifting.

Women's Conference Attendee

"Susan Crook's Championship Marriage speech about being a cheerleader for your marriage changed my life.  My marriage was in a completely disastrous state when I heard her speak.  When I got home that weekend, I shared her worksheets and my notes with my husband.  Our marriage made a complete turnaround that night.  Susan has blessed our whole family!"

Debra Whited Burnham
Director, KVC Behavioral HealthCare, Inc.

"Susan Crook offers an insightful presentation on how to better one's relationships with great wit.  She offers participants a lively and entertaining look at how communication styles differ ~ and how knowing those styles betters relations."

Sue Z
Director - Sonshine School

"Susan probably knew how we would turn out before we did the D-I-S-C.  She is very knowledgeable about her subject matter and is a very good presenter of that information!  Our teachers had an entertaining night and learned a lot about themselves and the people they work along side."  

"The information helped us all to realize we are all different - we all have strengths and weaknesses. Susan helped our group to realize how those strengths and weaknesses could be used to help us work together as a group!"

Nebraska Mom

"I finished your book, "Personality Insights for Moms" and all of my girlfriends are fighting over who gets it next.

I am just happy to have read this book and to be able to apply it to real life.  So many self help books I have read just don't fit the needs that I have.  This book was just amazing, I never thought that I could have read something that I would actually be able to apply to not only one child, but being able to apply the same book to communicate to both of my children�.it was more than I could have hoped for.  Not only was I certain that my daughter was switch at the hospital, but how different my 2 children are is just amazing.  My son is so calm and easy going and my daughter, well she is just so not. 

It is an amazing insight into communication.  I am just in awe, I actually thought that they gave me the wrong baby with my daughter because I just could not relate to her at all.  But now I find myself thinking about what the book said before I even open my mouth to talk to her.  Thank you so much for putting your insight into an easy to read book!

Thank you for applying your knowledge and education to this book.  I could not have asked for more."

Women's Conference Attendee

"I keep Susan Crook's Championship Marriage worksheets on the inside of my kitchen cabinet so I can re-read them often.  My marriage is so much better now that I love being a cheerleader for my family!"

Dale Paul
Director - Yuma, Arizona Senior Adults

"Thanks, Susan, for the enthusiastic, inspiring, presentation you gave to the Yuma, Arizona SAMS Senior Adult Ministries.  We found out that even retired Seniors still have personalities and need to improve their communication skills.  Your motivational presentation inspired us to keep stretchhhhhhhing and learning!" 

Deann Kinsch
MOPS Coordinator - Lenexa Christian Church

"I never would have thought that being married would mean becoming a Cheerleader, but that is exactly what I am doing on a daily basis.  After hearing Susan speak, I was encouraged to treat my marriage and my family as a winning team daily by giving them encouragement through my words, my actions and my prayers."

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