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                                    D-I-S-Cover  -  "To learn by study, bringing to light for the first
                                         time knowledge of something existing, but not previously known."


 A ll moms know that life is -- shall we say -- a wee bit

different after having taken on the new and exciting role of motherhood.  Our basic "I am woman, hear me roar" style cocoons during pregnancy, and we metamorphose into some form of a new creature when our little labor of love enters this world!  Everything
changes; the clothes we buy, the food we eat, and our vocabulary!  Let me give you a few vocabulary examples of how our once very proficient, highly intellectual discussions change entirely from:

  • Inbox to Sandbox

  • Wall Street to Sesame Street

  • Starbucks to Starbursts

  • ABC News to ABC Songs

  • Stock Market - to Supermarket

  • Corporate Reports to Grade Card Reports

  • Fitness to Fit Throwing

  • Ballet Performances to Ballet Lessons and

  • Business to Busyness!  



8 - Personality Insights for Moms                                                               





       In fact, moms are the busiest people I know!  We hardly get a break!  I don't have to tell you, kids are doing something at all times, at all ages! 

       I once had a mom ask me if it gets better when your kids are older.  She said, "At least you can get some sleep!" I responded with, "Sleep?  Oh, that doesn't change!  Sure, when your teenagers were babies you wished they'd sleep through the night.  But then they get their driver's licenses and you wish you could!"  Moms have been and will forever be on call!


Moms Are Unique! 
       You've got to admit moms are great, in fact the best!  We are literally responsible for manufacturing every human being on this planet.  Pretty awesome accomplishment, huh? 

       And we come in all shapes, shades, and sizes - each with a unique personality style and flair!  Some are trendy.  Some are conservative.  Some moms are bosses and wouldn't walk out the door without wearing a suit, pantyhose, high heels, and carrying a briefcase. 

       Other moms prefer jeans most days, and wouldn't walk out the door without carrying an ample supply of toys - eager to experience fun everywhere she goes! 

        Some moms are into sweats and sports, and carry around athletic gear - on the lookout for physical action!  Other moms may be into sweats too, but solely for the purpose of relaxing, watching TV, reading a magazine, or lounging in a hammock.  Others prefer high fashion, glamour, opera, books, and perhaps classical music. 

        Some moms are married; some are single.  Some moms are step-moms.  
         Each mom, nonetheless, is a very special mom who has a unique personality style -- for a very special child who has a unique personality style -- and for a very special reason. Make no mistake, your child has been given a gift -- and that special gift is you!  





                                                                          Introduction - 9





        You may, however, not feel so special.  In fact, as a mom you may feel confused, worried, and frustrated, wondering, "What in the world do I do with this child that I don't understand and I can't get a ticket to escape to another planet anytime soon?!?!!" 

     Do you desire to understand and develop better communication with your child?  Or maybe you're not communicating at all!  Well, hang on and don't give up! Reading between the lines, this book shouts, "Help is on the way!"


It's a New Day!

       The greatest gift a mom can give her child is unconditional love and understanding.  Each morning upon opening her eyes, a mom is faced with a choice.  She can passively tolerate the nuances of the day - or launch a new and exciting day of extraordinary opportunity for her child!  It's quite a profound and powerful statement to say that we can affect our child with a magnitude of such enormous potential.  Nonetheless, we have been granted that kind of capability. 

       Moms can orchestrate relationship dynamics by choosing to be proactive - or battle confusing dilemmas all day, sufficing to be reactive.  Each of us faces daily personality challenges and situations that make us scratch our head, pull out our hair, or worse - attack that pint of ice cream!  It's our job to get in the driver's seat and start steering our children down the road to success!  And with the right communication tools, we can do it!  Yes, we are moms, hear us roar! 


Communication is Key

       As a mom, each of us possesses the unmistakable power to have a huge impact in shaping our child's day - our child's life!  So, how?  How do we know what to do, when to do it, and why we do it?




10 - Personality Insights for Moms                            





       In Personality Insights for Moms, you're going to find out how!  We may not be perfect moms, but we can discover how to be really good moms by learning communication keys and strategies in this book.  The job of being a mom is not an easy job - as we quickly discovered!  We make a lot of mistakes and learn many hard lessons through the painstaking epoch of trial and error. 

       My goal is that this book will help you be the best mom you can be, to communicate with your child in a way you never could before, and to improve your relationship.  You can learn to communicate effectively with your child regardless of your personality similarities or differences. 

       Communication is essential for a successful future with your child, but it doesn't always come naturally.  In fact, communication deficiency is cited as the number one source of irritation and complaint in families, leading to damage that can last a lifetime. 

       I have a Master's Degree in Communication and I still haven't mastered communication (and I'm sure my three kids will affirm that statement)!  It's an ongoing process to understand each other, to build on each other's strengths, and communicate love and patience in our quest for a dynamic relationship.    


Get Plugged-in!

       I am passionate for vibrant relationships in our homes!  I want to shout from the rooftops, pleading for every mom to truly grasp that greatness lives within her!  But first, before we go any further, I must ask you a very important question. 

       Does your child have a mom who's plugged-in?  Take a minute with me here.  Imagine a lamp sitting on your end table. That lamp may look like a lamp, hold a light bulb like a lamp, support a pretty lampshade like a lamp, but if it's not plugged-in, it's not going to be able to do the job of a lamp.  




                                                                                   Introduction - 11




        Moms have a job too, and we have to be plugged-in to do our job effectively.  Get plugged-in today!  Yes, being a mom can be a challenge, but embrace the challenges!  Embrace them instead of resisting or resenting them.

        Maybe you don't understand why your kids are the way they are yet, maybe some days you feel like you want to escape to another planet, but let's embrace the challenges together step by step in this book, and get plugged-in with your child (and yourself) in a new and exciting way!

        When I learned the D-I-S-C personality information, it changed my life as a mom.  It gave me "ah-has" as to why each child thinks, acts, responds, plans, and plays differently.  I used to think that motherhood was so simple.  I was in control, full of wisdom, and so self-assured, prepared for every single situation.  Then I had kids!  (My "plug-in" almost short-circuited!)

        In this book, you will discover surprising new ...






(...read more in Personality Insights for Moms book!)





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