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Do you like to do things:     

The fast way?

The fun way?

The traditional way?

The correct way?






"Dominant" "Interactive" "Supportive" "Calculating"
        LEARN HOW TO:
  • Enhance communication by understanding viewpoints
  • Strengthen decision making
  • Explore unique team dynamics and head off conflict
  • Understand tendencies of individuals using the four D-I-S-C types

If we�re going to enjoy life and enjoy relationships, then we need to understand why others act the way they do today because it affects our relationships tomorrow! 

First ask yourself, are you generally more outgoing (fast-paced) or reserved (slower-paced)?  Next, do you feel you tend to be more people-oriented or task-oriented? 

Let's take a look at the circle below and see where you fit - which of the four quadrants, that is.  In the meantime, think about how do you like to do things:




Do you like to do things:
�the fast way?
�the fun way?
�the traditional  way?
�the correct way?

Now think of those you're involved in a relationship with and answer the same question according to their personality style.  More than likely, not everyone would select the same answer.  Trying to understand one another�s personality style can be like trying to speak a foreign language!  

"D-I-S-C" is not meant to "label you" or "put you in a box."  It does, however, explain why we continually seem to find ourselves and others in that same box!  Understanding our personality style helps us understand WHY we communicate the way we do.  Communication deficiency is cited as the number one complaint in relationships, both personally and professionally. If we learn to understand our own personality and the personality styles and behaviors of others, we can be more productive and develop better interpersonal relationships.

A recent research study revealed what we've known for some time now - gender differences effect communication, but discovered that gender (male/female) differences are not as significant as we once thought.  However, understanding the unique personality differences has proven to have an enormous impact on understanding and communicating successfully in all interpersonal relationships (at any age), and in every environment.

First however, we need to recognize what is vital to identify and accomplish this. That�s where the comprehensive D-I-S-C Model of Human Behavior is practical to apply by recognizing personality strengths and weaknesses in the work place and at home.  For example: why are some co-workers talkative and friendly, while others are task-oriented and reserved?  Why do some "bottom-line-it" and others need to explain every detail?

As you're probably aware, there is a variety of personality assessment tools readily available.  In fact, in graduate school I studied about 16 different assessment types (Meyers Briggs, animals, colors, etc.).  However, not all assessments are considered accurate.  Not even all D-I-S-C assessment tools give valid results.  According to the results of a $30,000 Validation Study, the D-I-S-C Model of Human Behavior Adult, Teen, and Child Personality Insights Assessments are one of the most accurate personality assessment tools available.  

Understanding D-I-S-C improves communication by limiting conflict and resentment, and ultimately builds stronger relationships, both personally and professionally.  Achieve success by operating as a team.  Understand each other to effectively decrease conflict and increase happiness in all relationships.

Whether in the office environment, home or church, learn how to communicate successfully.  Why settle for mediocre relationships when you can achieve the best? Contact Susan Crook Communications, LLC and find out how you can decrease conflict and increase happiness today!

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Susan Crook is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant (an affiliate of Personality Insights, Inc.)

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