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Mario Sequeira, Staff Writer


Olathe author offers parents insight into kids'

Personality plays a key role in first-time author Susan Crook's parenting book "Personality Insights For Moms."

To manage their children well, parents must first understand their personalities and their children's personalities, Crook said Friday.

"We naturally assume our child should act like us, but that's not how we are created. We are not created the same," she said.

Individuals can be outgoing or reserved, she said. Some need detail, others just the bottom line and some do things the fast way, the fun way, the traditional way or the correct way.

Crook studied and trained to use the DICS model of personality assessment that psychologist William Moulton Marston developed in 1928. She received certification as a human behavior consultant in 2000.

Crook said each letter stands for a personality type. D, for example, stands for driven, decisive, demanding, dominant and other traits, and I stands for interactive, influencing, involved and other qualities. Individuals can be high or low within each category.

In parenting, Crook said, a high C mother, for example, who is competent, conscientious and careful may resent the fact her high I child, who is outgoing and loves to be with friends, cannot sit down to do homework.

"Mom wonders what's wrong, why the child cannot think like her, cannot sit down and get the homework done, follow the rules, focus on getting things done correctly," Crook said.

"She may resent the child instead of understanding the child may need more attention than mom ever needed."

Understanding their children's personalities helps parents decide how to motivate and discipline them, Crook said.

Regency Taylor Publishing released the 320-page book July 28 and it is doing very well, Crook said.

Several thousand were printed in the first run, Crook said, and several Johnson County book stores have ordered more, including Borders at 119th and Metcalf and Olathe Christian Book Store.

The Web-based organization Parent to Parent gave the book its Adding Wisdom Awards in four categories: parenting book; educational products; children's health and wellbeing; and gifts for moms.

Jodie Lynn, a syndicated columnist on family and health issues, runs the Web site. Lynn wrote the 1989 best-selling parenting and family book "Mommy-CEO: 5 Golden Rules."

Crook is busy this week with book signings. Monday she spoke to a mother's group at Westside Family Church in Lenexa, and Tuesday she signed books at Barnes and Noble in Leawood.

"I had no idea I was going to be so busy with the promotion of this book," she said. Crook is working on a second book, "Personality Insights For Couples."

Writing and speaking about family relationships is a career path Crook started about seven years ago. Crook said before that, she ran an interior design business for about 10 years.

Besides fixing homes, Crook said, she found she could fix relationships for clients. She liked that part of the business and trained to become a human relations consultant.

Four years ago, she opened her own communications company. Two years ago, she received a master's degree in speech communications from Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg.

She began speaking on family relationships, mostly to mother's groups. Her business spread, mainly due to word of mouth, taking her to several cities, Crook said.

Crook attributes her success to God.

"I feel God opened that door. I have not done anything to promote my speaking ministry," she said.

The book meets her audience's desire for something they can take home and contemplate, Crook said.

She rates her current job better than interior design.

"My heart's desire is to further God's kingdom," she said. "I felt like God had completely revealed to me that this book needed to be for all moms, not just Christian moms.

"I can't imagine doing anything different. It's so fulfilling because I'm changing lives, making a difference. I know there's purpose."

Crook said she had seen lives and relationships take an about-face.

"To me, it doesn't get greater than that."

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